Our Story

A new approach to drug discovery

Exo Therapeutics is a small molecule drug discovery and development company with a pioneering technology to address intractable pharmaceutical targets.

By leveraging the company’s ExoSight™ platform, we are developing a deep pipeline of potent drug candidates that bind exosites, distal and unique binding pockets that have the potential to reprogram enzyme activity for precise and robust therapeutic effect. Through this specific and selective approach to challenging targets, our team of world-class researchers is unlocking breakthrough therapeutics in oncology, inflammation and a broad range of other diseases.

Expanding our druggable universe

While there are roughly 10,000 proteins involved in human disease, only ~700 are currently accessible to the pharmaceutical industry as targets for new drug development. Exo aims to expand the druggable universe with exosites which enable a new way to target and reprogram enzymes.

Built on foundational academic insights

Exo has assembled a team of seasoned industry leaders, world class investors and expert advisors.