Exo may be small, but we’re rapidly growing!

We are a diverse group of scientists, researchers, and business leaders with the mission to develop a novel approach to medicines discovery with exosites.

At Exo, we take pride in our values:

Diversity: both in who we are and in how we think because the more perspectives we bring to a challenge, the more likely we are to succeed
Collaboration: motivated by a “speak-up culture” where divergent ideas are shared openly, respectfully, and fearlessly
Passion: a love for innovative science and commitment to excellence and creativity
Impact: tenacious drive to achieve a common goal of improving human health

Current Opportunities

Principal Scientist, Translational Biology

About the company

Exo Therapeutics ( is a small molecule drug discovery and development company with a pioneering technology to address intractable pharmaceutical targets. By leveraging the company’s ExoSightTM platform, Exo is developing a deep pipeline of potent drug candidates that bind exosites, distal and unique binding pockets that have the potential to reprogram enzyme activity for precise and robust therapeutic effect. Through this specific and selective approach to challenging targets, the company’s team of world-class researchers is unlocking breakthrough therapeutics in oncology, inflammation and a broad range of other diseases.

We seek a highly motivated senior level scientist with a strong background in translational and in vivo biology. This position will be an integral part of the biology group and will help drive the disease indication and biomarker studies to support the drug discovery programs towards the clinic. This is a leadership position, and the candidate will work across therapeutic areas with a primary focus in inflammation, autoimmunity and/or immuno-oncology

The individual will have some experience leading the translational biology efforts for drug discovery program/s. We are keen to identify someone who is a self-starter and proactive and who can work independently and effectively.


  • Identify and validate biological contexts, in vitro and in vivo, that create a dependency on drug targets to aid indication/ context prioritization for pre-clinical studies and clinical development
  • Plan and oversee in vivo PD and efficacy studies at CRO partners to support the drug discovery program
  • Collaborate with drug discovery and biology teams to select disease indications for inflammation, autoimmune diseases and/or oncology targets and development of in vivo strategies
  • Identify combination and differentiation strategies to help identify the right patients to treat in the clinic
  • Participate in the identification and clinical translation of biomarker assays that assess drug pharmacodynamics and allow testing of preclinical response hypotheses enabling a differentiating path for drug development
  • Interpret, summarize and present research findings at internal and external scientific meetings
  • Use knowledge of inflammatory, autoimmune disease biology, and genomics data for biomarker hypotheses
  • Actively engage with clinical and research cross-functional teams to prioritize and select disease indications

Preferred Experience and Qualifications

  • Ph.D. with 5+ years of experience in biology or related discipline with a strong publication record. 2+ years in biotech/ pharmaceutical industry
  • Strong understanding of inflammation/ autoimmunity signaling pathways and experience with PK/PD/efficacy studies to validate disease indications
  • Experience driving translational biology efforts on project teams at various stages of the programs
  • Experience in utilizing genomics-based technologies, including RNA-seq and flowcytometry based assays to identify biomarkers and to understand mechanism of action is preferred
  • Experience with selection and development of in vivo disease models is preferred
  • Clear and effective verbal and written communication skills

All fully qualified applicants who are authorized to work in the US at the time of application will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, disability, veteran status, as protected under law.

To apply for the position, email a cover letter and resume to

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Exo Therapeutics is a small molecule drug discovery and development company with a pioneering technology to address intractable pharmaceutical targets.